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Friday, January 28, 2011


What exactly are 'buzzies' you ask? Well, they are little bits of sock fuzz that get stuck in between your toes. Our children have some sort of strange disorder. They are against having 'buzzies' in between their toes, but mainly only when they're between the ages of 16 months- 3 years. It is very funny to watch them during these years as they struggle to pull their little toes apart and get their 'buzzies' out. Yep, they have all done it. They actually call them 'buzzies' and they actually sit down as part of a sorta daily 'ritual' to get the 'buzzies' out! This is one of those 'childhood stories' I don't want to ever forget. I even got pictures today or my current 'buzzy picker-outer' in action!

This is just a cute picture I got of Jacob touching noses with Rosie! These 2 are going to be close friends! I'm loving watching their relationship develop!

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