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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our first TEENAGER!!! WHAT!?

  I cannot even believe I'm typing this...

  Today our oldest has crossed a big bridge. She is officially a TEENAGER!

  My, oh my, how blessed we are that God gave us such a holy, respectful, smart, beautiful, sweet child as our firstborn.  Ever since #2 was born #1 has been my second pair of hands. She started with getting diapers for me so I could change her brother and now she makes meals for us and helps watch the kids too.  She'll make an amazing wife and mom some day.  She's more than prepared!

This picture isn't a great one of her, but I'm posting it because it helps describe who she is in so many ways.  She's a big girl now, but she is still capable of having so much 'little girl' fun.  She may be the oldest in the family which at times is super hard, but she sits down to play with her siblings all the time.  Whether it's a tickling war or a board game or just sitting down to chat she is aware that her siblings love her and want to be with her and she knows not too many years from now she won't live in this house with us anymore.  She truly treasures her family and she goes out of her way to let us know that.  She's a phlegmatic and mostly an introvert.  She loves reading, playing volleyball, spending time with family and friends and being funny.  She also love organizing things which sure pays off around the house ; )

Breakfast: Starbucks with Mom- She chose a White Chocolate Mocha Frap and banana bread. 
Lunch: at home with siblings, burritos
Dinner: Date with dad, on another night because tonight we have volleyball tryouts! Ice cream at Sweet Frog, one of her favs, as a family after tryouts! 

We love you so much #1! We are so proud of the young lady you are becoming! We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you. 

Happy 13th,sweet girl!

Friday, August 15, 2014

His hands; His feet

  Some of my favorite moments being Catholic are witnessing how we all fit together to make up the body of Christ.  We each have our place, however big or small or whether now or in the future that we are called to contribute our time, talent and treasure for the glory of God.  We really are asked to work toward helping the Church. We are called to be His hands and feet.

  My husband and I have felt over the years that we really wanted to get involved (as much as our family life would allow while keeping raising our own kids our priority) with the youth ministry at our church.  My degree is in Religious Education as well as Elementary education.  Both areas I've felt called to serve in for a very long time. Even starting before college I knew both of these areas were in my heart for a reason.  DH and I have found our place of service for now.  We love helping others reach the youth of our local community.  Our own kids aren't old enough for the youth ministry program yet, but it won't be long and we look forward to watching them get involved and grow in their faith through serving and learning.  Them becoming Catholic adults and forming their own spirituality to take out into the THAT is something worth hoping for, isn't it!?

  God is so good! He equips us all to be His hands and His feet.

  Where are you serving? How are you giving of yourself?

  Whatever it is...may God bless you in all the work you do for His glory.

Parts of our kid size mass kit-a gift from my parents many years ago...a blessing to our family ever since.