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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

366 Photo Project (week 5)

31/366 Mom's Retreat- Resting place for a weekend of planning and fun with some of my mom friends.
1/366 A sweet note from my youngest 'take it with you when you go away, Mommy'.

2/366 The weekend away was full of yummy surprises like this dessert. 
3/366 Throw back! A year ago this week we had the best vacation of our marriage thus far. St. Lucia+fabulous time alone and unplugged! 

4/366 Random butterfly picture I found in my collection. Turned out pretty neat, I think. 

5/366 A surprise kiss before entering ICE at the Nashville Opryland Hotel. Dec. '15 trip.

6/366 Scary selfie. Who stole my phone? 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

366 Photo Project (week 4)

  My photos from this week for the 366 photo challenge. Notice I've changed it to 366. Yep, I forgot this is a Leap Year! Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget I'm learning how to take better pictures, so feel free to critique if you'd like. I never turn my ear to advice! I know some of my readers are photographers at heart! I'm still learning. 

24/366 "Thank you God!!!"

25/366 Breakfast shake. Morning routine.

26/366 He worked so many hours with us. Shoveling is hard work. This kid knows how to work hard! Rest from time to time.


28/366 Beautiful sunrise after the cloudy snowy days.

29/366 While working hard to shovel our big van out of our second garage we need some FROZEN Lemonade. So yummy!

30/365 A new 'stage'...avoiding the camera. #4 uses our guitar to hide.